Smart Safety online

We all want our loved ones to be safe… and the peace of mind that this course will give you is simply priceless.

Smart Safety Courses

Have you ever wanted to learn some personal safety skills in the comfort of your own home, with your family or friends in your own time?

The Smart Safety Foundation course is an online programme created to provide knowledge of how conflict occurs. Awareness and reading the signs is the first step and we have many insights to pass on and safely guide you on your way.  We approach this with a preventative and proactive philosophy. In a reassuring, non-alarming way this course will leave you empowered as it takes the fear out of conflict.

Following on from the Smart Safety Foundation course the next stage in the Smart Safety series would be our physical defence course. If you want to heighten your instincts and preparedness for the unexpected this online course provides you with the skills and knowledge to physically defend yourself if assaulted.

From teenagers finding their way in the world, to those living alone in their own home, every place should be a safe place.  Your own private form of insurance to ensure your life experiences are memorable for the right reasons.

Let us help you dissolve fear and replace it with a good nights sleep. If you don't learn new knowledge & skills then we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

This course is designed for those who:
  • want to protect your family, or teach them life skills
  • have a family member with anxieties about being attacked
  • want to build resilience & confidence while living in a modern urban area
  • feel you not always in control of your environment
  • plan to travel 
  • worried about escalated bullying and feel like you are at a physical disadvantage
  • have ever felt too scared to leave your home, school, car or work
  • feel that you just want some extra ‘street smarts’
Assuring your safe place in the world.

Online course available now to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Start immediately with the link or email us for any more info or questions!


Try it out first!

If you would like to experience what a course will be like, then try our short free quiz and test your understanding of personal safety before you make a commitment to the full course. Enjoy!