Designed for those looking to work in the security sector, or those already in it, who want to extend their knowledge to keep themselves and others even safer.

Security Guard Foundation Course (online)

We are recognised as NZ’s leading expert in security defensive concepts & tactics training. After identifying a great need in the industry for specific training, we worked as consultants to develop the current security training within New Zealand which are based on our programmes.

Our security courses are the next level up and is designed to be fit for purpose. They combine a common sense approach with practical concepts based on instinctive responses easily recalled under stress. Designed so security officers' can work alongside government security agencies (Police, Ministry of Justice etc). These courses cover those working on their own, as a team member and at night.

The point of difference in training with HardTarget is that we not only provide the content of the course but also an insight into how the content will realistically work in real-time environments. 

Our online foundation course is a great place to start your journey. It includes basic knowledge, concepts and ideas for new personnel or to refresh. You will learn to understand issues relating to due care, legal liability considerations within all concepts, relevant and up-to-date content as we have been delivered to key government security agencies, a promise of well-researched, uniquely designed and succinctly delivered video tutorials and access to our facebook group for the security industry. The best opportunity there is for learning everything you need to know about keeping safe on the job is right here, right now. We even provide certification for you to prove you have completed the convenient online training from the proven industry leader. Get started today!

This course will cover:
  • understanding of legislation
  • tactical communication
  • body language & projection
  • weapon awareness
  • team work
  • tactical awareness
For the professionals, by the professionals.
All our online programmes are inline with the best practices that we deliver to government agencies so have been tested in real-time situations, they are proven effective in concept and defensibility. It's the fear of the unknown that makes security dangerous. This course is designed to identify those unknowns and make you more confident and safer in any environment that you work.

Defensive Concepts & Tactics Instructors Course

Be an instructor.

Our main aim is for this programme is to ensure that any instructors who qualify through us will be confident, effective, efficient and fully supported. We are passionate about making the security industry safer. We truly believe this starts when those attending their security course receive the best training available so that they can use the knowledge and skills to truly be safer in the community... and that responsibility falls into the hands of great instructors.

We have designed, developed and implemented instructor courses for our partners since 1999. We provide instructors with a delivery programme system that is proven, tested and flexible in delivery style. Our national training programme is inline with the best practice and procedures of other government security agencies.

This course is delivered by Quinton Swanson in person by request only. Note that it is designed for a subject matter confident instructor and pre-course assessment may be required to check suitability.

This course is delivered onsite and will include:
  • course content
  • course delivery system
  • certification programme
  • full support
  • online instructor library (with certification)
  • covers instructor liabilities
  • annual re-certification required
  • access to a Facebook Instructor Group
  • instructional technique
  • course design & development
  • instructional assessment & evaluation
  • safe & best practice
  • instructional liabilities
Set the standard,
then raise it.
An exciting and inspiring course providing instructional technique and delivery processes ensuring effective outcomes in a measurable manner. Not only will instructors have full support from HardTarget, their students can have access to our online course to consolidate learning.

Defensive Concepts & Tactics Courses

These courses are held onsite in a venue most convenient to the agency and its staff. They are designed fit for purpose to suit the participants requirements and may be core skills or a follow on from our online course.  

Our trainers have all been operators and have a huge passion to provide the best instruction to those they train.  We also believe in our training and provide full support. If you have any requirements please contact us directly. 

These courses can include but not limited to:
  • basic knowledge & concepts
  • control and restraint
  • ground defence
  • weapon defence
  • escape & evasion
  • due care concepts
  • real-time scenario based training
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HardTarget is the leading subject matter expert in security training. For more information on dates and times please contact us directly.

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