Schools are at the heart of our communities. There is nothing more important than the safety of all people. Feeling prepared, safe, confident and empowered in the school work place, is our individual right.

Courses for Teachers and Students

HardTarget has some purpose specific courses that are currently being implemented in New Zealand schools. Some of the work our Head Trainer & Founder Quinton Swanson actually conducted in the very early days was teaching school children 'self defence'.  As the company has matured he has found himself completing a full circle back to his passion of working with both teachers & students within schools.  At the same time bringing all his experience and knowledge from many years of training all over the world with military, security, law enforcement, corporations and international professional development back to NZ with a community focus.

As a teacher you interact with people in a vital time of their lives. This means from time to time you will be involved in the need to protect children from outside threats and  conflict situations within the school due to a wide range of factors.

As students, this is an opportunity for immense growth and HardTarget's trainers are experts in helping children understand themselves better when it comes to their emotions and dealing with situations that arise.  Helping them recognise and respond appropriately when they feel overwhelmed in any scenario is key.

We are excited to have developed courses that will provide you with solutions to deal with all kinds of situations. It is important to understand that if you find yourself in a stressful situation, it is very difficult to create a new idea. Knowledge and acceptance of conflict resolution options put you in a more powerful position. Our experience enables us to be able to teach you in such a way that is non-stressful and leaves you empowered to do your job.

HardTarget aligns itself with the Ministry of Education Te Tahuhu o te Matauranga guidelines for restrictive movement so you can feel secure that you are using the right concepts at the right time.

We currently offer 3 different courses:

Lockdown for teachers, Restrictive Movement Concepts for teachers and a Student course.

HardTarget prides itself to ensure that once you have completed a course you still have support. We also provide our learners with an online resource so that concepts and knowledge may be refreshed at any time to protect you even better.


Here's what some of our principal's have to say:


"It changed our whole way of thinking, it made us worried about New Zealand and what we’re being taught so far in terms of lockdown situations.  Our staff so enjoyed the day, it was practical and we were very engaged. Two weeks later after the school holidays, our staff were still talking about the professional development that Q had taken us through, many said it was the best PD they had ever had.”

Jim Stafford-Bush, Pukekohe North School

"We have the expert facilitating it, in a way which is engaging and fun, and you walk away knowing what to do. My staff feel more confident in terms of how to communicate, how to read the situation, and how to de-escalate and restrict movement safely if needed.”

Louise Anaru, Kaitaia College

Protecting our Communities

Let us help you serve in your community safely and be part of helping school environments thrive.

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