Service Industry

There is nothing more important than the safety of all people. Feeling prepared, safe, confident and empowered in our work place, is our individual right.

Service Industry Safety Course

Whether you are a nurse, teacher, bus driver, taxi driver, dairy owner or real estate agent your everyday role involves interacting with a range of people. Your roles and your environments are different, but the ability to read people and deal swiftly with any situations is a shared need.  Your industry course is designed with your specific environmental needs in mind.

As a service provider you interact with people in all stages of their lives. This means from time to time you will be involved in conflict situations due to expectations not being met, criminal behaviour, people venting at you, escalated emotions, mental illness, drugs, alcohol and so on.

We are excited to be developed courses that will provide you with solutions to deal with all kinds of situations. It is important to understand that if you find yourself in a stressful situation, it is very difficult to create a new idea. Knowledge and acceptance of conflict resolution options put you in a more powerful position. Our experience enables us to be able to teach you in such a way that is non-stressful and leaves you empowered to do your job.

Online course coming soon to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact us to have priority at launch and be offered our pre-sale discounts.

These courses are best for you if you:
  • have ever asked yourself "what would I do if..."
  • to improve your awareness when working by yourself in unfamiliar environments 
  • if you are working with unfamiliar people in the community
  • want to develop a proactive preventative approach to personal safety
  • are interested in developing concepts that are easy to incorporate and are non-intrusive to your role
  • want to learn instinctive interventions that anyone can use
Helping you to serve your community, safely.

These online courses are currently being designed for the specific needs of those within the service industry. Contact us to have priority at launch and be offered our pre-sale discounts.

Try it out first!

If you would like to experience what the course will be like, then you can watch our short video course before you make a commitment to the full course. Enjoy!