We all want our loved ones to be safe …and the peace of mind that this course will give you is simply priceless.

Smart Safety Course

How do you teach children how to be safe without making them feel scared? We can. By teaching you a unique system first, which in turn gives you the tools to pass this knowledge on in a reassuring and non-alarming way. Leaving your family prepared and empowered.

From teenagers finding their way in the world, to the elderly in their own home, every place should be a safe place. Reading the signs is the first step and we have many other insights and responses to pass on and safely guide you on your way.

If you are planning to be in a foreign environment and want to heighten your instincts and preparedness for the unexpected, we will show you how. Your own private form of travel insurance to ensure the trip is memorable for the right reasons.

We are currently developing this programme to ensure that you have the knowledge, concepts and confidence to deal with all potential situations. Dissolving fear and replacing it with a good night’s sleep.

This course is designed for those who:
  • want to protect your family, or teach them life skills
  • have a family member with anxieties about being attacked
  • you live in a city or urban area with a high population
  • feel you not always in control of your environment
  • plan to travel 
  • are elderly or have a disability which puts you at a physical disadvantage
  • have ever felt too scared to leave your home, school, car or work
  • feel that you just want some extra ‘street smarts’
Assuring your safe place in the world.

Online course coming soon to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Pre-enrol now to receive your launch discount!


Try it out first!

If you would like to experience what the course will be like, then you can watch our short video course before you make a commitment to the full course. Enjoy!